The coolest egg stunts

Mystery message eggs 

Boil an egg for 5 minutes. Enable it to cool. Break down as a lot of alum as will disintegrate in about a tablespoon of vinegar. Alum is found in the drug store or in the supermarket with pickling supplies. Utilize this solution for composing on the eggshell utilizing a toothpick. When the egg is dry, it will look consummately ordinary. At the point when the shell is later expelled, the composing will be obvious on the egg’s surface.

Note: in spite of the fact that alum has been utilized for quite a long time in pickling, it is never again considered as protected as it once seemed to be (aluminum mixes might be connected to Alzheimer’s Disease) so it is best not to make a propensity for eating such a large number of these eggs. Likewise, note that this stunt doesn’t generally work. It appears to rely upon the egg utilized.

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